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Welcome to Liquio

Liquio Corporation delivers world class barcode labeling and EDI solutions in either ASP/Internet or Client Server architectures. The LiquioCommmerce™ ASP collaborative architecture significantly improves vendor/customer communication, ensures maximum Labeling/EDI compliance, and enables true end-to-end value-chain visibility. LiquioCommmerce™ is an Application Service Provider (ASP) enabling software solution that delivers a technological breakthrough in the creation, rollout, management, and optimization of Compliance Labeling and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) initiatives. LiquioCommerce™ combines:

bullet EDI Capability (LiquioEDI™)
bullet Thin-client Labeling (LiquioCompliance™)
bullet ASP/Internet Services Model

...to optimally facilitate supply-chain collaboration.

Liquio™ and the Supply Chain

Supply-Chain Management (SCM) is incredibly complex as it involves real-time interaction between multiple enterprises, locations, departments and their respective information systems. A well-defined supply chain must accommodate all the requirements of procurement, shipping, receiving, warehousing, and retailing as well as those of external enterprises such as vendors, freight carriers, etc. Satisfying all these parties’ specific requirements generates considerable system integration efforts. Liquio's technology assists corporations in rapidly achieving two of the major goals of E-Commerce and Supply-Chain Mangement:

bulletEliminating Inventory Touches
bulletReplacing Inventory with Information

...both invaluable to vendor and customer supply chain initiatives.


For more information, click the links to each of the products:

  Product Architecture Function
bullet LiquioCommerce™ ASP/Internet Integrated EDI/Labeling Solution
bullet LiquioEDI™ ASP/Internet EDI Solution
bullet LiquioCompliance™ ASP/Internet Labeling Solution
bullet LiquioEnterprise™ ASP/Internet/Client Server Enterprise Labeling Solution

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